Very berry, very red…

…was my weekend with one of my most favorite berries- the red currants!
On friday I couldn’t resist and bought a huge bowl of them. Firstly I thought I could transform them into a yummy and healthy breakfast but since there were so many berries left I also made a Cheesecake and a Smoothie.😍🍇🍰

But one thing at a time: My breakfast was a layered cup of currants and vanilla curd and chiaseedtopping- So damn good!


I love to bake, so I tried out to make some kind of a cheesecake which I saw on a girls Instagram lately (fyi: pilotmadeleine s recipe)

You mix 1kg light curd with 2 packages vanillapudding powder and 4 beaten eggwhites. For some sweetness you can use sugar, honey or whatever you like! Now you dispense the mix on a baking paper and arrange the berries( or other fruits) on it. Put the whole thing in the oven on 160 degrees for 30-45min. .




The cake was so delicious, next time I’ll try it with raspberries and strawberries!

Today I still had some berries left and I used them to create a very healthy smoothie! I mixed a handful currants with one banana and 150ml Alpro vanilla soymilk and two spoons of vanilla curd. Really good stuff though! I sift of the nucleis because they always get stucked in my teeth–uugh!


For more pictures: veryberrybeao

Xoxo, B


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